Last year, we made a point to tell you all about the Pros and Cons of SHIFTPODs. Now, the infamous yurt company is back in action and this time with a brand new system: SHIFTPOD2. This now puts the v1.8 SHIFTPOD at a discounted price due to the upgrade of the 2. A  lot of readers have been asking the million dollar question..

Whats are the difference between the SHIFTPOD v1.8 and the SHIFTPOD2?

Well, there are a few big differences that will make your Squad excited and excited for about the next glamping adventure or Burn. Ready for the top 5 differences in the 2? Here we go!

1. More Space

SHIFTPOD2 has added 2″ of extra head space. 2″ of may sound like a little, but it feels like a lot. This is true especially when you’re spending 4 nights in your SHIFTPOD for Bonnaroo or a full 7 nights for Burning Man.

2. Connect Multiple SHIFTPODS Together

The wait is over on creating your SHIFTPOD dream house on the Playa! SHIFTPOD has announced its compatible connectors for the new Tunnel System, which will allow you to seamlessly merge your pods together. This will be great for SHIFTPOD villages, or surviving a brutal whiteout. The final version of the connection piece is nearly available, and this will only be available for 2 pods and higher.

3. New S3-Seam Technology Seals

Some folks take their SHIFTPOD to the edge of the world and back again. If that’s you, you’ve probably tested your unit to the limit with adverse weather conditions. In an effort to maintain premier quality, SHIFTPOD has added even sturdier seams, to make sure that your SHIFTPOD is ready for a monsoon.

4. Protection from Pests & Bugs

One of the best things about the SHIFTPOD is the doors that can be propped wide open on either side. One of the downfalls to that is that a very open SHIFTPOD at a festival like Summer Camp can be an invitation to creepy crawlies and flies of all kinds. In an effort to combat that for our festies in the Midwest and other creature loving sites, SHIFTPOD has created mesh for the doors, allowing you to cool down for just you and your squad… no pests allowed!

5. Sturdier Material

Overall, a handful of improvements have been made on the material including the threads, zippers (to handle dirt and dust better), stainless steel stakes & tie down system (can hold up in fast/high winds), and a more durable storage bag with handles to carry your SHIFTPOD easier with a friend.

There are clearly a lot of new improvements with SHIFTPOD2, and we’ve just highlighted a few of them. No matter what decision you make, SHIFTPOD is your best friend when it comes to a camping festival. In order to help our readers understand this, we are launching a giveaway tomorrow 6/2 so that one lucky winner will have a SHIFTPOD2 of their own. Rest assured that the SHIFTPOD is the best in the yurt business, and is tried and true. SHIFTPOD undergoes a series of tests to ensure it is of top quality. Check out the video below as an example.


Have questions? Just ask! And stay tuned for our giveaway!


  • Dom says:

    I have a version 1.8 and a version 2.0- is there no way to make the tunnel system work between the two? Even if I add velcro to version 1.8?

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