Panoramic Views

written by Mary-Kate Coletta

The shift in our splurging habits has never been more apparent. Rather than dishing out cash on boats and cars and other luxuries, we long for experiences and creative immersion.  From Friday July 28th – Sunday July 30th, New York City’s Randall’s Island Park will transform into an innovative realm of music and art. No matter what initially draws you to Panorama, the open-minded atmosphere will inevitably allow all walks of life to expand their creativity, minds, and spirits alike.

Organized by Goldenvoice, the creators of Coachella, Panorama prides itself on celebrating creativity various forms. Entering its sophomore year with a roar, the festival boasts a highly competitive musical lineup. I mean, the legendary Solange…need I say more?! Whether you’re seeking electronic music vets like Justice, singer-songwriters types like Frank Ocean and Mitski, or even rockers like Nine Inch Nails, this eclectic festival is sure to please a myriad of music enthusiasts.

The festival doesn’t stop at music, though. Panorama displays masterpieces from an array of artists all over the world. Every exhibit makes for a gorgeous, experiential piece of art right in Randall’s Island. Needless to say, this is not your typical art gallery, but an adventure not to be missed!

Whether you’re looking to rage to some electronic beats, vibe out to soulful tunes, or become a part of hands-on art, Panorama is undoubtedly the “come as you are” creative oasis that we’ve all been aching for.

See you in New York City July 28th-30th. Don’t forget to get your tickets here!

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