Be One Up For a Hangover-Free Festival

Imagine a time when you never had to experience another hangover. You wake up on the third day of the festival feeling just as alive as when you first set up your tent. You’re able to dance all night long and make it to yoga every single morning. Good news Squad, that time is now.

Let me introduce you to the Be One Up patch.

Be One Up, created by The Festival Guy, is a transdermal patch specially created to release a steady flow of thiamin, or vitamin B1, into the bloodstream over 8 hours. Thiamin is the vitamin that becomes depleted while you are partying and drinking- causing the dreaded hangover. With the patch applied to your body, however, everything remains balanced all party long, and you feel great when the night is over. In fact, The Festival Guy says he wakes up feeling better after partying with the patch on than he does if he didn’t party at all. Count us in. An added bonus? The patch boosts your metabolism and keeps your energy levels high so you don’t have to worry about missing a single moment of the festival.


Be One Up is a must-have for partiers of any type or skill level. Even if  you choose to abstain from alcohol, wearing the patch is the easiest way to energize your body with natural and organic vitamins.


The patches retail at $3.50 each or 4 for $10, but if you choose to get onto the subscription service you receive your patches monthly for 20% off. A very small price to pay for a hangover-free life. And, signing up for the subscription service is ideal if you have a booked festival season ahead of you. Want to try Be One Up before you commit? Receive your first patch free of charge by entering code ‘firstpatchfree’ when you check out on Don’t miss out on your opportunity to achieve a more fulfilling party experience!

If What The Festival is on your summer agenda, you are in luck: Be One Up will be sold all festival long in the festival’s General Store. And, don’t miss The Festival Guy’s talk on “How to Create Your Dream Life and Earn Your Smile Wrinkle.”


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