Dirtybird Campout Venue Has Moved (And It Really Is A Great Thing)

Rumors had been abuzz that a venue change was coming for the 2017 Dirtybird Campout, and today the truth was finally revealed.

Dirtybird Campout has officially been moved from its original home in Oak Canyon Ranch to Lake San Antonio in Bradley, California.

We are stoked for this change, as many of you are.




The venue may sound familiar to you if you have attended America’s Favorite Transformational Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, in the past 4 years. But, make no mistake, the Campout will not be held at the same place as LIB. The FAQ for the festival states “Dirtybird Campout is not moving to the LIB location. Dirtybird Campout is now taking place at the South Shore of San Antonio Recreation Area, which is a completely different campground from LIB which takes place at the North Shore of San Antonio Recreation Area. The South Shore campground is a smaller venue with a completely different vibe. It is an intimate, shaded area with its campgrounds spread throughout a forested area. It is still alongside Lake San Antonio, however the lake is about a mile walk from the campground.”

Many people have voiced complaints about the change, stating that it will take away from the intimate feel that the festival is known for. Southern Californians are bummed that they no longer have this amazing festival right in their backyard. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Well, as we have seen become the downfall of many of our favorite venues nationwide, a new noise ordinance came into effect at Oak Canyon Ranch requiring music to end by 11pm. No thank you.

Anyone that has attended LIB knows about the special magic that Bradley has. This time, however, we get to experience that beauty in much cooler temperatures and from new perspectives. And who doesn’t love a good roadtrip? If you can’t find it in you to accept the reality, this fella below perfectly summed up how we all should feel about the matter:


Pre-Sale for tickets will begin on Friday, June 23 at 10am PDT. Check out the FAQ for the answers to all of your specifics about ticket pricing, camping and glamping options, and travel arrangements. Need a bit more information on the festival? Check out our review of the 2016 Dirtybird Campout here.


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