Don’t Fret, it’s just Moonshine

Moonshine Music & Arts Festival is back for its fifth year at a new location in Braselton, Georgia June 30th-July 2nd. It is a camping festival located about an  hour outside of Atlanta. Tickets are inexpensive and one day tickets are even available if you have multiple holiday weekend plans. Moonshine Festival will bring stellar acts to the four element themed stages with some boogie inspiring tunes. I have had the pleasure of seeing a handful of scheduled artists at other festivals. Here’s a few artists to be on the lookout for:

ill-esha – The Canadian native producer always puts on an ill set in my history of her performances. I’ve seen her open for a Bassnectar NYE and just a few months ago on the Elements Stage at Euphoria. Oddly enough she will be performing on an element stage of some sort at Moonshine. Her music can be categorized with a few tags like Future Bass and Electronic Pop. Sometimes she even picks up the mic herself. Ill-esha is definitely worth a listen at any venue.

MiMOSA – I’ve only seen the electronic music producer once at TomorrowWorld. The dope producers sound can be classified as Future Trill. The talented artist produces wacky electronic sounds with a dub undertone. I’d like to see his set again. MiMOSA is scheduled to perform on the Main Stage on 7/1 @4:20.

The Polish Ambassador – Not only does TPA produce good music, but he is an activist for the arts as well as forming a better community and planet. The diplomatic producer brings many different sounds to your ears. TPA beats may even influence you to shake your booty a little.  His Imagine set last year was a pretty dope set. Some tags for his music might include: Chill, Funk Electronic, Hip-Hop, and Soul. For the most part his unique sound puts me in the mindset of beach vibes honestly. Check out The Polish Ambassador.

Moonshine will also host a handful of notable local talents from the Atlanta-ish area: Andy Bruh, Juju Beats, Midnite Panda, Ployd, and Robbie Dude. The festival announced it will have go-carts also! Moonshine is totally American. Grab some friends and consider celebrating 4th of July weekend at Moonshine Music & Arts Festival!

See you in Braselton, GA June 30th-July 2nd. Grab your tickets here!

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  • Joe Race says:

    The two owners of this festival Brandon Courtier and Bryan French are world class liars and scammers.

    Our company provided stage, sound and power for this festival. Brandon signed a contract stating final payments are due in the form of cashiers checks only. We show up, set everything up and the next day he hands me a company check. I explained to him that we can’t accept the check. He begged and promised me the check would be honored Monday after the show. I was very uneasy but he seemed genuine and I trusted him.

    Deposited the $9760 check Monday and was notified that the check was no good NSF. Brandon reassured me that it was because the ticket sale money was not yet available. It’s been almost 8 weeks and still nothing. Since then, French called and basically “Sorry, we don’t have any money”

    Many other vendors got hosed by these guys.

    Lawsuits and criminal charges are coming. These two swindlers will get what’s coming to them. Avoid this festival and the promoters at all cost!

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