20th Anniversary- STS9 plays Red Rocks!

Have you committed to something for over 20 years? Education? Marriage? A hobby? 20 years is a long time! Think about your mental growth from 0-20 or better yet 20-40! Time is precious, yet a fleeting thing. How often have we committed to something great for such a long period of time?

Sound Tribe Sector 9 will be celebrating a major accomplishment that very few bands can celebrate- 20 years of making music and performing! To mark this amazing accomplishment, STS9 will hold a 3-night run at Red Rocks Amphitheater September 8-10 with a ton of supporting acts, including the band’s longtime friends and even family members.

STS9 will kick off the festivities by performing the entirety of their highly regarded album ArtifactArtifact hasn’t been performed in its entirety since its release in 2005! The band also announced that they will treat their fans to an acoustic Axe the Cables set for their closing show on Sunday, September 10th. The band is no stranger to Red Rocks! This will be their 15th consecutive year at the venue (23 shows total) and they plan to pull out all the major stops to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Photo from Liveformusic.com

This is going to be a once in a lifetime experience that you will NOT want to miss.  Grab your tickets HERE!

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