▲ 5 Year Anniversary of Slow Magic’s Triangle ▲

It has been just over five years since Slow Magic released his first album, Triangle, a highlight in the dreamier side of electronic music. Although his identity remains elusive, his music is easily distinguishable from everyone else’s. The use of piano, chopped up vocals (my personal favorite), and not to mention his focus on drums, merge to create a beautiful reflective sound that very few have been able to achieve. Stylistically Triangle seems to capture different tones ranging from the relaxing beach vibe of Corvette Cassette, to the contemplative essence of Feel Flows.

Triangle is not only a reflective album meant for daydreaming, it is also an exploration of electronic music. Each song covers different aspects and styles of Slow Magic without ever straying too far from the core sound that he incorporates. Although the album is only just under 26 minutes long, Slow Magic evokes a range of emotions with each track, tapping into something deeper that many artists are not able to achieve.  Triangle beautifully wraps up this idea with the last song, Music, the only song with clear words.

“Whenever we hear… Sounds, we are changed, we are no longer the same… After having heard certain sounds… and this is the more the case when we hear organized sounds. Organized by another human being… Music”

Slow Magic will be coming out with a new album in 2017. We cannot wait to hear it!

You can also catch his upcoming performance in San Francisco, get tickets here.


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