From the Shoreline, Cobi for the Win!

Cobi is a 30-year-old singer/songwriter from Minnesota with quite the voice. After we had a chance to sit down with him and see his performance at Firefly Music Festival 2016, I certainly became a Cobi fan myself. His song, “Don’t You Cry For Me,” has over 24 million plays on Spotify (and even found its way onto my mom’s playlist). We had a chance to talk with him again at Hangout Music Festival just before his incredible performance on the BMI Stage!

Festival Squad: It’s been almost a year since we last had a chance to talk with you over at Firefly Music Festival. Can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been working on?

Cobi: I have a new record coming out really soon. I’ve been working on it for like the last 6 to 8 months. I’m really excited about it. I’ve been playing a lot of the new songs on this tour.

FS: You’re on tour with Run River North, right? How has that been?

C: Yeah. It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve been on the road for about the last three weeks. We left Los Angeles in early May. We’ve been kinda all over the place, but it’s been a really good time. They’re a great band to tour with.

FS: Have you had any favorite shows?

C: D.C. was definitely a highlight. Orlando was pretty cool the other night. Nashville and Atlanta were both great too.

FS: You were on Jimmy Fallon not too long ago. How did that whole process of getting on the show go?

C: Well, I was on tour at the end of last year, like last November. All of a sudden, we got an e-mail saying that Jimmy Fallon wanted to book us. It just kind of happened, and it was a dream come true.

FS: How did it feel to say “Hey! I’m on Jimmy Fallon.”?

C: Oh, it was amazing. Totally awesome.

FS: Awesome. Alright so, how is your Hangout so far?

C: We just got in like last last night from Orlando, which was our last show. I’ve only been here a couple hours, but it’s good so far.

FS: Is there anybody that you’re looking forward to seeing, or do you just kinda have to perform and head off?

C: I wish I could see more bands. I’d love to see Twenty One Pilots. I haven’t seen them yet. I’d love to see LP, Major Lazer, and Chance the Rapper. Unfortunately, we have to leave right after our set tonight. We have to be in Houston tomorrow. So, I’m not going to get to see any of those artists.

FS: That’s lame, but you’re heading to Love Street Music Festival, right?

C: Yes!

FS: Does it ever feel extremely hectic to be in one state one day and have to get to another by the next day? Or is it something that you eventually adjust to?

C: Yeah it can be a bit chaotic, but you kinda get used being in constant chaos all the time.

FS: You have a few more fests this summer. Are you able to enjoy some of those or is it the same situation as this weekend at Hangout?

C: Yeah, I think we’re going to have a little bit of time at Lollapalooza to hang out and check out. So, yeah. That should be fun.

FS: Have you had any weird moments recently while traveling on this tour?

C: (a very confident) Yes. *laughs* I don’t know. I mean, I feel like there’s a ton of them. Just the nature of being on tour is already just strange. It’s never a dull moment. You’re always meeting some interesting people, or being in some interesting place. It’s just, uh, pretty interesting.

FS: I feel like there’s quite the story hidden back there.

C: Oh there’s tons. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

FS: Alright we’ll let it slide. Lastly, what can we expect to see from you before the end of this year?

C: Like I said, the records coming out. Also, I’m going to be on the road a lot. So lots of touring and lots of new music.

Be sure to check out Cobi’s Official Site, Facebook, and Spotify!

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