Party Professionally To Red Rocks With Mile High Tailgators

Going to Red Rocks is no easy feat, and the coordinators for large groups know this. By car, Red Rocks is about 30 minutes from the city of Denver. Getting there usually isn’t a big deal with apps like Uber and Lyft, but trying to leave a sold out show on the Rocks can be a nightmare. If you’re not a fan of waiting, the long battle it may take to leave the Red Rocks general parking lot in your car may not sound like the best idea. And the hour plus long quest to find your Uber after a packed show will make you feel like Christopher Columbus navigating the Pacific Ocean in hopes to find Asia. Both options do not sound appealing to most, especially if you decide to have a couple of drinks at the show.

Luckily, a man named Joe Ozimek started a company, Mile High Tailgators, to solve all these issues. Mile High Tailgators not only provides you safe transportation to and from the Rocks, but it also will set up the ultimate tailgating experience for you and your squad. This experience includes a grill, awning, music, and games (bag toss, beersbee, beer pong, etc). For only $420 (we see what you did there, Joe), you and 10 of your closest friends can ride in style to the Rocks. You choose one location in the Denver Metro area or pay a little extra if you’re coming from Boulder or Fort Collins.

Not the type to plan in advance? When the shuttle system doesn’t have a private group, it will rent out empty seats to individuals at a mere $40/head. And yes, the whole tailgating experience is included in that price with a roundtrip ticket to and from Red Rocks. Talk about a steal.

Sound like a dream, and you want to get Mile High Tailgators to take you to places other than Red Rocks? That’s not an issue either. If you’re a Colorado local, the shuttle service will take you to sporting events, ski towns, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just bar hopping for whatever you’re celebrating.

Here at Festival Squad, we’re all about safety and fun, and Mile High Tailgators is a business founded on exactly that. Get to where you’re going safely in Colorado, and don’t pay a premium price to get there. Book online through Mile High Tailgators to get the full tailgating experience with your roundtrip transportation ticket.


Find Mile High Tailgators on Facebook and Instagram to read reviews and see photos!


Note: I will have the pleasure of riding with Mile High Tailgators this upcoming weekend to see Odesza and Red Rocks with some of the Squad. We will be reporting back on our experience. Stay tuned!

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