Flume Does It Again: Hyperreal

Written by Bridgette Reynolds

He’s done it again.

Flume’s new track, Hyperreal, was released yesterday.

Just as we were settling in with his new Skin remixes, he releases another FIRE track. You will notice his very unique sound that is similar to his ep. His atmospheric dance sound and flip-flopping beats, make this another unforgettable song. The song starts out very light and slowly works in some vibrating beats and Australian producer/singer, Kučka. You may recognize her from Flume’s Numb & Getting Colder and Smoke and Retribution singles. Her distinctive, elegant and quaint vocals make this song one you will have on repeat for hours at a time.

Midway through the song, the fluttering effect turns slow, deep and dark moving the song into another realm. The song slowly comes to an end with Kučka faintly sings in the background – the perfect ending.

Flume’s releases are always exciting and make us feel like we’re sitting on the edge of our seats when the first beat plays. This was another one for the books and we can’t wait to hear more!

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