Maddy O’Neal & Megan Hamilton Bring the Funk with “Nunya”

Written by Mia Nissen

Nunya” is the newest track from Maddy O’Neal and Megan Hamilton that will leave you feeling fierce and feigning for summertime. This Salt N Peppa remix packs just as much delicious funk and girl power as the original song-and I cannot get enough. By combining hard-hitting vocals from Megan with a little bit of saxophone and sealing it with the duo’s fresh producing skills, the team has crafted the perfect track for drives to the beach or taking over the dance floor with your girl squad.

Maddy has just finished touring with Late Night Radio, and that marks only the beginning of the exciting 2017 she has before her. I got to catch Maddy at one of her intimate shows in Colorado during the tour and was seriously groovin’ the whole time. It was the perfect prelude for what’s to come when she brings the funkin’ house down at Lightning in a Bottle next month. And, do I even need to say how phenomenal seeing her at The Gorge for the Pretty Lights spectacular will be?

Megan on the other hand, is currently touring through the Midwest. She recently dropped her first album, Photosynthetic that is so diverse and creative that it satisfies all of your sonic needs in 10 songs. My favorite is “Night & Day”, a sultry tune that is guaranteed to make you drift away and quite possibly find Nirvana. Give the album a listen and then cross your fingers in hopes that she will be visiting your city soon.

Once you listen to “Nunya,” you’ll immediately realize that you have never heard a song quite like this before. It’s invigorating, unapologetically fierce, and will make you eager to see these funky women crush festival season. Consider this tune the newest addition to your summer playlist, and don’t feel guilty about having it on repeat.

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