Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Soul at LIB

Written by Bridgette Reynolds

Photos by Sage Thomas

Lightning in a Bottle is back this May 24th-29th and we can’t wait to dance in the desert again. There is an INSANE lineup this year and a lot more to offer than just this. With the new chapter known as The Compass, the Om Shan Tea’s Tea Temple, and there FINALLY being a lake to swim in, you won’t ever think twice about what to do with free time in between sets!

LIB 2016

LIB presents a new chapter called The Compass, an item LIB has added to their entertainment this year. It offers educational workshops and content offerings that will create a positive change in the world. These workshops will refresh your ideas on education, healthy living, environmental stewardship, and cultural respect. After experiencing The Compass, these movements will create positive change in your life and others.

Located in The Compass Zone is the Om Shan Tea’s Tea Temple. Loosen up and relax with a warm cup of tea after rejuvenating your mind at The Compass. While sipping, engage in open mindfulness and calming conversations with your festie buddies. The aromatic blends will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the next set!

Finally, what we have all been waiting for [drum roll please] … a lake to swim in! With all of the rain we’ve had this year, LIB is lucky enough to have a nice area to cool off in.  Make sure you bring your fanciest floaty and be sure to always swim with a buddy. LIB 2017 will be the freshest it’s ever been!

Aside from these amazing perks at LIB, let’s not forget that some of our favorite headliners such as Bassnectar, Bonobo, and Rufus Du Sol will be performing. We’ll see you at the Lightning Stage in May!

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