Enchanted Forest: Tipper Returns to Cali for a Journey on the Full Moon

Written by Andrea Hnatievych

                   Deep in the Mendocino County Oak Forest, the lush expanses of trees will be lit up with the mesmerizing stages of Enchanted Forest this June 9th-11th. Black Oak Ranch will become home to the 7th annual gathering, weaving yet another mystical chapter into the fairytale. The Enchanted family is invited back with open hearts and arms, and tempted even more so with a saucy lineup release for 2017.

Along with The Polish Ambassador, The Floozies, Space Jesus, and many more, Tipper will be headlining Enchanted Forest Gathering with a very special sunset set on the eve of the Full Moon.

A little birdie has told us that this is his ONLY California and Oregon performance for the entire year, Dave Tipper already quite the rare gem on the West Coast. Cali Squad needs their Tipper fix too, right?! If you love electronic music, then consider this elegant composer of trip hop and ambient journeys of sound for your list of summer to-dos. And if you have seen him prior, expect the unexpected because no experience with Dave is like the last, each a precisely crafted journey of sound!

Get your tickets HERE.

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