Bee You at Bunbury Music Festival

Written by Jennifer Hall

“Bee Here, Bee You, Bee Free.” These are words to live by for every festie, and PromoWest  Productions out of Ohio has coined this phrase as a motto for their summer fest, Bunbury. Happening June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, their lineup is stacked, and their mascot is adorable. Who doesn’t love a cute mascot to go with your festival experience?

“To Bunbury, or to go bunburying, is to have a made-up excuse to get out of doing something boring. Every Bunbury weekend in June, we give you a great excuse to get out of whatever you don’t want to do.”

Well, I can’t think of anything I would rather do than take a scenic jaunt to Cincinnati to watch my favorite band of all time, Muse! The band so rarely tours in the States, and I have been itching to see them since I caught an amazing show of theirs in 2011. Rarely have I seen a band that’s better live than on their albums- but Muse definitely did that.

Promo West has outdone themselves with this beautiful lineup. Thirty Seconds to Mars is unbelievable live. Punk fans will rejoice in seeing AFI and Flogging Molly. Hip-hop fans will be excited by D.R.A.M and Wiz Khalifa. And, EDM fans not only get Pretty Lights, but the master of beautiful bass himself, Bassnectar.
There is something for every musical taste on this lineup. Tickets are priced just right to enjoy a long weekend in June. General Admission starts at $179, and VIP at just $399. They even have a super VIP for $1299 that includes side stage viewing for the show, as well as drink tickets and free parking.  Head over to Bunbury Festival’s website to check it out and get your tickets today!

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