Three Pillars of Desert Hearts That Make Their Spring Festival a Must for any House Lover

Photo by Sage Thomas

Written by Andrea Hnatievych

 A creative escape from the day to day exists just three hours outside of Los Angeles, a place where all veils are lifted and true self-expression can shine. Desert Hearts Festival, what started as an intimate gathering of just 200 music lovers in the Mojave Desert back in 2012, is returning this March 31st-April 3rd with their one-of-a -kind journey of house, techno, and love. The adventure awaits in the hilly Los Coyotes Indian Reservation of California- the place to unplug, unwind, and step outside your comfort zone this spring festival season. Here are a few of the crew’s intentions for the event that make their spring 2017, 4-day run one you don’t want to miss:


With the aim of a collective consciousness at the festival, there is only one stage at Desert Hearts. No running from set to set or worrying to miss your favorite artists due to overlaps. Also, it will be much easier to locate the rest of the squad when, unavoidably, they stray away due to the beautiful distractions that arise. With 100% of the positive energy and love in one place, the vibes are bound to be phenomenal.


For the Desert Hearts Crew, house and techno are a way of life. With less than 3,000 attendees, the festival is going to be intimate compared to many others. The crew invites you to take part in this family experience at their events; the marathon of love and positivity is one that they hope will serve as a learning experience to be shared with others for days to come. The family and unity characteristics are evident in many aspects of the event -the performers camp in the same areas and there is no VIP.


FREEDOM, to have a weekend of endless laughing, dancing, and music is truly a gleam of magic.  This positivity arises from the contributions of each and every member of the family and begins with an open mind and open heart on the individual level. Bring the weird, funny, goofy, or any other parts of yourself that will help cultivate this judgment-free haven. Create, share your passions, and inspire others to do the same.

Photo by Sage Thomas

It isn’t every day that you get a chance to escape into a playground of love and happiness, kicking it with the Desert Hearts Crew and many other talented house and techno artists.

Get your tickets here (21+) and be on the lookout, the full 2017 lineup is coming soon.

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