Lucidity Festival: The Final Installment of the Six Year Saga

Written by Andrea Hnatievych

Photo by Sage Thomas

A lucid dream refers to one where the dreamer is aware of the dream, and has an extent of control over various aspects of the environment or people. Lucidity Festival is back this year for its final chapter of bringing dreams to a reality, a closing to the mystical, 6-year fairytale of personal and collective transformation. Themed villages, epic stages, healers, artists, workshops, and a diverse lineup are just a few of the things to be expected at Live Oak Campground in Santa Barbara, CA this April.

The Theme

The theme for this year is Eudaimonia, a word meaning “human flourishing”. It is an optimistic ending for the festival saga that will serve as a beginning for endless happiness and interconnectedness to bring outside of the festival grounds. Human existence as a whole has entered a new age of growth, where on both a collective and personal level we are attempting to shift into the light and live in love forever. Lucidity Festival is here to help with this push, making your dreams seem all the more tangible.

The Lineup

The itinerary for 2017 lines up Ott, Random Rab, Dirtwire, Ayla Nereo, Christian Martin, and a Pumpkin Tribute, just to name a few of the many. Check out the full lineup and stages below:

The Experience

The festival experience is co-created, so getting involved is very much so encouraged. Come create art, dive deep with the seven themed villages, be the character of your dreams, take part in the art of gifting,  and/or share your snazziest dance moves this Lucidity. Villages include the Goddess Grove, Lovers’ Nest, Nomads’ Nook, Family Garden, and others.  Each of these villages pertain to a targeted group of festies, such as the Goddess Grove serving as an exploration of the aspects of the Goddess within us: the light, the dark, and the transforming. It is a place where She thrives and comfort zones are expanded as we draw energy from the women around us. Check out the other villages here, under the experience tab.

Get your tickets HERE (all ages) and keep dreaming, April is almost upon us.

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