Basslanta Returns to New Jersey as Basslantic

Written by Helen Vivas

Photo by Jennica Mae 

Imagine this- you’re walking around on a beautiful winter afternoon while blasting Nectar in your headphones, when all the sudden you get an alert on your phone saying “BASSNECTAR: following the success of Basslanta in September, we are bringing the concept up to all you friends & freaks in the North East—we found one room, secret location, no seats, sweat dripping from the ceiling… we are going back to our roots: the underground parties of the 90’s!”.

On April 28th and 29th of 2017, Bassnectar will be taking the stage with his longtime friends ill. Gates, Caspa, Eprom, NOSAJ THING, Ninth child and the Widdler.  This two-day throw down will be the definition of a one-of-a- kind experience.

Let me make one thing clear- I live on the opposite side of the country, and I literally shouted for joy at this message!  Bassheads travel from near and far craving that ethereal experience only Lorin can produce.  The Northeast has not been blessed with an event this epic since Madison Square Garden held Basscenter in 2014! I dropped everything in 2014 to make it across the country for the Noise vs. Beauty set. You see, there is nothing truly like this Basshead community, and the jaw-dropping celebrations of these womps and wobbles. Whether Bassnectar is taking over the Island of Manhattan, downtown Atlanta, or Atlantic City, the Bass Network will come out in full force.

The way Lorin performs is not only immersive, but it actually demands active participation and thought. His one request for this event, he has asked that each person bring a “gift for the altar- a letter, piece of art, prayer, etc”. He has emphasized that it is wide-open for everyone to contribute on a creative level- so start planning!  In an unimaginable way, he has again achieved a mystique around his shows, while also engaging fans in a meaningful and powerful way.

Limited presale tickets go up on Wednesday, February 15 @12pm EST and general tickets go on sale Thursday, February 16th @12pm EST.

Get your tickets HERE and SET REMINDERS—these tickets sell out fast!

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