Don’t Forget Your Lunchbox [GIVEAWAY]

The most tech-savvy bag on the market is here. Lunchbox has improved every aspect of a festival bag to give you the best possible experience at your next event! 

Pickpocket resistant?  ✅

Water resistant?  ✅

Cut resistant?  ✅ (These bad boys are made with military grade ballistic nylon)

Easy Fill? ✅ 

Fashionable?  ✅

Festivals should be a fun, relaxing getaway. However, there are so many instances where the festival experience is ruined by an externality. Lunchbox eliminates some of the most common festival problems that we face as a community. The Lunchbox team also knows how important fashion can be at a festival. They combined minimalist design with creative ways to express yourself using their bag. Check out our exclusive interview with the founder and CEO of Lunchbox here

Enter the giveaway for your chance to win a backpack below!

Lunchbox Festival Pack Giveaway

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